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Ten on Tuesday ~ in which I join the MEME

There are a lot of blog MEMEs out there. We all know this. I have even done several of them.

For some time now I have watched as 2 (or more, I forget) of the people whose blogs I follow do the Ten on Tuesday. And often, I’ve thought, “I should join that one. It looks fun. Plus, goodness knows I can often use the inspiration.”

But I didn’t do anything about it. Until today.

I’ve now signed up to be on the Ten on Tuesday mailing list, and will start with today’s list:

10 Favorite Super Bowl Party Foods

1. Ruffles and dip, either onion dip or (my favorite!) clam dip made by my uncle (or from his recipe)

2. Hard cider… technically a drink, not a food, but it counts in my mind

3. Pretzels… if I’m actually watching the game, snack foods that aren’t too messy are a must

4. Nachos… if I’m not actually watching the game, and just using it as an excuse to party (which is much more common) then any good “party food” is what I prefer

5. Meatballs/little smokies in BBQ sauce… my mom has an awesome recipe for this, which I think beats out just about every other one I’ve tried

6. Cookies… You know how it’s traditional to bake a whole ton of cookies for Christmas? Well, I’m usually ready to eat my way through a plate of cookies again by Super Bowl Sunday

7. Fruit… I know it’s not the traditional type of sports snack for most people, but I love fruit. Plus, I have fond memories of rolling grapes down the steps in the Oakland Colosseum during baseball games when I was younger, and the habit of fruit at sporting events carried over

8. See’s Candy… my dad typically got multiple boxes for Christmas (work presents), so I’m used to having a lot of chocolate that we wanted to get rid of before Valentine’s Day chocolate started arriving

9. Cake! … a new tradition is to attend a Moat Bowl party with a bunch of friends who’ve been hosting for several years now, and there is cake (which I will almost never turn down)

10. Water… again, not technically a food, but something I never seem to get enough of

And that’s my Ten for Tuesday! We’ll see how long I’ll keep this one up, but since it comes with emailed reminders, I think I’ll be able to keep going. Besides, Ten on Tuesday shortens very nicely into ToT, which is also the acronym for a ride at Disneyland that I am quickly growing to love.



4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ in which I join the MEME

  1. Mmmmm, several on your list are also my favorites. And, ironically, I had just gotten myself a cup of cider when I sat down to start reading the list!

  2. Meatballs! Yum. The last (and possibly only) Superbowl party I went to, there was an INCREDIBLE spread of food, including his Finn grandmother’s homemade meatballs. I may or may not have camped out in front of that dish.

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