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Friday FO: iPhone Sock

Why does my iPhone need a sock, you ask?

Well, because I had a different cover on it, but it broke. (And not because I dropped it. The bottom edge, which was removable for docking and such, was apparently not designed to be removed often, because that’s where it broke.) So I was using no case for a while. And remembered how much I love the look and feel of the iPhone without a case.

But I am occasionally a klutz. And I don’t want to risk my phone COMPLETELY unprotected.

finished iPhone Sock

Enter a knitter’s solution to any problem: add yarn.

I used leftover Mini Mochi for this, and just cast on half of what seemed the right number of stitches.

iPhone case v1

Next, I knit into the front and back of every stitch to double the stitch count, then K2P1 over and over and over again until the thing was nearly long enough. When there was about 1/2 an inch left (or maybe 1/4″, I’m not sure) I decreased every other K2P1 repeat, so the pattern was now K1P1K2P1.

And when the thing was done, I cast off in pattern using a bigger needle, and sewed in ends.

And then I decided I liked it better inside-out, so that’s how I’m using it.

There you have my first FO of 2012! Have a great weekend!


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