A New WIP For the New Year

Two new WIPs, actually.

First up, the one I started first: the Last of the Sky Pirates Mitts by Maggie Fangman.

Sky Pirates 1-4-12

(I don’t have buttons for them yet, so a knitting needle is holding the button flap together so I can model it.)

These are a fun knit, and have gone pretty quickly so far. The way the pattern is written needs a bit of polishing up, though. It might be completely accurate, but it’s cumbersome. For example, on the main section of the arm, wrong side rows go: K1, follow pattern (K the Knits and P the Purls) to last stitch, K1. And yet, each row is written out with different stitch numbers based on the decreases which have happened for that row. Technically correct, but wordy. I might knit these twice, but if I do I will re-notate the pattern first to make it easier for me to follow it.

Sky Pirates close

I like the detail on the thumb gusset. The outside has eyelets, the inside (palm-side) does not. Very cool.

The second of my new WIPs is WendyKnitsWaterfalls socks.

Waterfall sock 1-4-12

I started them just before Christmas, and they’re fun. I’ve had to restart them a couple of times while I found the right needles for the yarn/pattern combo, but I’ve found them now. ChiaoGoo lace needles, 2 16″ circs. Perfect fit for this pattern and yarn. Love, love, love. I got a lot of knitting done on the way to Disneyland for New Year’s, too. (That was also fun. Love, love, love.)

I hope the New Year brings you lots of fun knits and pretty yarns!


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