Meet Bailey

So, I need to introduce you to someone. This is not someone who will be on the blog all the time, as he doesn’t live with me, but he is too cute to ignore.

Bailey & me

Meet Bailey.

He’s my parents’ new golden retriever puppy, and is a very sweet 17 week old boy.

Bailey 01

He is still adjusting to the new living situation, though he has gotten quite settled in as far as his human pack is concerned. It’s the feline contingent that isn’t so sure of him yet. I’m sure they’ll come around, though. Honestly – with this face, who wouldn’t?

Bailey 02

7 thoughts on “Meet Bailey

  1. He’s adorable! I’m sure the cats will get used to him soon. Mine loved the dogs once he realized what good bodyguards they made.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Oh Nicole! How could you not introduce us to Bailey before now! What a little doll…

  3. awww, how cute 🙂

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