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Writing Weds: Write What You Know

Ah, cliches. When it comes to “how to write”, there are tons of them. And “write what you know” is probably the most overused. (Though “show don’t tell” is a very close runner-up.)

However, what happens when what you “know” doesn’t make interesting fiction?

Yes, I know, there are tons of things you can do with character to make even the most boring background situation interesting. But what if you want more?

I prefer the paranormal genre, both for writing and reading. problem is, most paranormal situations end up with the hero and/or heroine needing to have interesting jobs. And my day job? Not so interesting. And definitely not glamorous. Yes, companies need administrative personnel. But who honestly wants to read about one?

Anyway, all of this got me thinking about story ideas. How could I use what I know to make an interesting story – or better yet, series? How on Earth could I take a smorgasbord of temporary positions and turn them into something fun?

Well, I’m not going to tell you all of what I decided, because I once read that if you talk too much about your ideas before you actually start writing them, you could end up putting all your passion for the idea into the TELLING, and not leave much left for the WRITING. But I will tell you this:

My job might not have always been what you’d call interesting. But I have worked at some companies that did interesting things. And THAT’s where I can get the fun for the plot. There are plenty of companies where interesting things can happen and make even the boring, regular jobs take on new personality.

And to make it even better – why not have the protagonist be a professional temporary worker? Not because of a lack of ability to hold down a job, but because he needs to be mobile, and able to move around while still earning a paycheck.

So just like that, I discovered how I can write what I know (job-wise) and make it fun. Fun for me, at least, and hopefully fun for a reader once it’s all on paper.


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