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So Mercedes Lackey has always been a writer of comfort reads, for me. Some of her work is deeper (especially her earlier stuff) and some is pure fluff, but I enjoy most of her books. The “500 Kingdoms” series so far has been good to me, with all of the books being enjoyable and captivating.

The latest one, however, I think crowns the series to date.

Titled BEAUTY AND THE WEREWOLF, it combines the fairy tales of Little Red Ridinghood and Beauty and the Beast into something new. While on the predictable side (aka I knew whodunnit before the book was half over) it was nonetheless enjoyable, and it managed to present several surprises at the end.

I think this book is going to make it to my keeper shelf soon. I read a library copy because – well, frankly, it’s November and I’ve been told off for buying myself things this close to a gift-giving holiday. So if any blog readers (aka my dad or my guy, who both read the blog at times) need gift ideas for me, this book is one idea. (But talk to each other first unless you want to risk a duplicate gift.) On the other hand, I can wait to buy it for myself after the holidays if no one gets it for me. And unlike a lot of the fun, fluff reads I’ve been occupying myself with lately, this one IS going to end up on my shelf.

I’m already looking forward to re-reading it.


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