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A Sock For Blue Jeans

I have decided that the Kitri socks look really good with blue jeans. Or, they will when they’re done, anyway. I mean really; look at this!

Kitri progress 11-11-11

Awesome. Even though it was on the dark side out when I took this picture, and so you don’t get to see the full range of awesomeness that is the color combination, I think you can see enough to agree with me. This sock will be wonderful with jeans.

Which is good. I wear mostly jeans these days.

Also, I’m having a ton of fun knitting it. Even though I don’t knit as much right now as I had been (I’ve been going to Christmas Caroling rehearsals — the theatre group I play with has a Victorian Caroling offshoot, and the rehearsals have been taking up two nights a week, plus random things on weekends) I still love the simple yet intricate pattern that is the fan on the leg of Kitri.

I don’t expect that I’ll still be able to call the beaded lace edging “simple yet intricate”. Intricate, yes. Simple, I doubt.

But that’s looking ahead, because I’m not there yet.

Anyway, the one thing I don’t like about this sock is the yarn. I don’t hate it, but it’s not my new favorite yarn to knit with. It’s on the splitty side, and when doing k2tog or ssk through the back loop, you don’t want a splitty yarn. It was a kit, though, so I didn’t pick the yarn. And I don’t dislike it enough to stop knitting the sock.


7 thoughts on “A Sock For Blue Jeans

  1. Hmmmmm… looks to me like what you’ve got there is one of the original series of Kitri kits, from circa 2006/7, or so. With the old 80/20 merino/nylon base. Doesn’t it sound like the next thing I’m about to say is “that’s a collector’s item”? Yeah, not exactly. Seriously, though, that is several yarn bases ago, not to mention a different dye artist. You might be interested in the brand new yarn we’re using for the latest edition of Kitri – it’s a blend of 70% wool/30% silk, custom-spun to my specification; a 4/14s with a high hosiery twist and mighty nice stitch definition if I do say so (and I do). Stands up to multiple froggings (ask me how I know), and you’d really have to *work* to make it split; it also takes dye like a dream, and the new saturated colorways reflect that. Some of the story behind it is here: Drop me a note, hmmmmm? We should tawk. 🙂

    1. Well, I bought the kit from someone else, so I don’t know for sure which version this is.. but the pattern does say the yarn is wool/nylon, so I’d say odds are good that this is the original yarn. It’s good to hear that you’ve gotten a new yarn for this kit with a high twist – I think the pattern would look even better with a tight twist to the yarn. Still love it as is, though. 🙂

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