Writing Weds & #ROW80 – Inspiration

I have a question for my fellow writers today: Where do ideas come from? Sometimes the strangest places, I know, but where do most of your story ideas come from?

This all comes up for two reasons. First, I have been brainstorming ideas and some of them seem to come out of thin air. (If I think about it long enough, I can usually figure out where they were actually from, but still.)

The second reason for the question is that when I got to work this morning and was looking out my window waiting for the computer to boot up, I saw a delivery truck drive by. All that was written on the side of the truck was a phone number. No company name, no type of work offered, just a phone number.

Now, it’s a pretty good bet that the number was for renting the delivery truck or even the services of the truck and driver. But there wasn’t any verification. And it got me thinking. How many people would call a phone number like that without knowing for sure what they were calling? What if the number was on something more obscure than a truck, something where there could be many different services being offered?

All kinds of fun trouble could be gotten into if someone called a number expecting one thing and got another thing instead.

And that just might be the next fun idea I brainstorm.

(ROW Progress for last week: somewhere more than 1 hour 40 minutes of brainstorming done on at least 4 different projects. It’s really harder to set a timer on brainstorming than on actual writing. Most writers I know have a very hard time when it comes to NOT turning everyday occurrences into story sparkers.)


2 thoughts on “Writing Weds & #ROW80 – Inspiration

  1. It’s hard to say where ideas originate. For me, most of my story ideas come from a dream, or snippet of a dream. But what seeded that dream?

    You’re phone number thing sounds interesting 🙂 Have fun brainstorming it.

  2. My brain doesn’t tend toward generating stories, but I do get intuitive flashes for fixing or designing something at work – those tend to be while I’m driving or lying in bed half awake in the morning.

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