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Rethinking #ROW80

I’ve been thinking about this a while, which is why I didn’t post on Sunday what I am posting today. I had thought about it, but wasn’t positive I wanted to change my plans/goals again so soon after setting them. After more thought, though, I think this is best.

I am amending my ROW80 goals. I love that this is an acceptable – even encouraged – part of this writing challenge.

Much though I would love to be participating in NaNo this year, my current schedule isn’t set up to be very writing-friendly. And so I knew I wouldn’t be able to make NaNo work. I had thought I could manage 2 hours a week on revitalizing an old project that I finally had good ideas for.

However, I’m just not feeling it.

I love the project, and I will get it re-written one of these days. But not right now. It needs more discipline than I’ve currently got. While I have good plans for this story, I just don’t have the passion and excitement for it that I did when writing the original (which was, by the way, my very first NaNo attempt. I won easily with just over 50K, and then spent the next several months finishing and revising the story, which – after finishing the draft – I decided was too dated and needed a way to make it less so. It’s sat ever since, waiting for that revelation).

At any rate, I need to get my writing discipline back, which means working on something that I currently have that passion for. There are a few stories that have been kicking around in the back of my head which I would love to play with, so what I’ve decided to spend the rest of November – and perhaps even the entire rest of ROW80 round 4 – doing is to play with those ideas and see what sticks. See what I can brainstorm in each of those ideas and see what emotional attachment I can get with those new stories. And I’m not going to limit myself to only a few of my ideas, or only the ideas I already have. I’m going to play with stories for this month, and (shock!) not commit to any of them. The commitment will come later, when I sit down to write them. For now, I’m just playing. Flirting. Brainstorming. And most importantly, having fun.


5 thoughts on “Rethinking #ROW80

  1. There you go. Earlier this year I was feeling the same way. I had to take a step back and get my passion back. Flirt. Have fun. Fall in love again 🙂 Good luck!

  2. We all have a project like that lurking in the virtual file drawer. Mine is also a NaNo story from a few years ago. Have fun enjoying the process. Can’t wait to see what sticks 🙂

  3. Passion is such an important part of the writing process. Without it, it’s hard to keep the muse with us. Good luck on your search for it. Please keep checking in and letting us know what you are finding. It’s encouragement for all of us who need to spark our writing.

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