Two Socks, But Not A Pair

It should be no surprise to anyone who follows this blog that I like knitting socks. A lot. Perhaps more than the average knitter. (Then again, based on my knitting guild – yay! We’re an official guild now! – I only like socks as much as the average knitter. Maybe even less.) Anyway, the point being, I like knitting socks.

And if you had been reading this blog earlier this year, you would have read about the Klingon sock I was knitting. Well, I have started the second sock.


This will actually end up not being an identical pair of socks, but a fraternal pair. This sock will have the Star Trek insignia on in instead of the Klingon one. But the insignia is the only thing that will differ, so it’s still going to be an obvious pair.

However, it’s on a time out at the moment. I am not pleased with the 1×1 ribbing in black yarn on teeny needles (either US0 or US1, I forget) and so was probably a little too ready to start the colorwork. And when I did, I misread the pattern and ended up needing to tink back 2 rows. So, I’ll work on that sock more later, but not today.

Today I’m knitting another red and black sock. (Not that you can tell at the moment.)


This is the Kitri sock, something I picked up when Turtlegirl was having a destash. It’s by the Tsock Tsarina, and is a fun knit so far. I’m looking forward to really getting into the meat of the pattern – I’ve just started it, though all you can see in the picture is the ribbing. (Also 1×1, and this one is a TWISTED ribbing to boot, but it’s with red yarn. And ever so slightly bigger needles. And that makes a huge difference.)

When it grows up, it will be red and black, and fancy. It will have a beaded lace cuff.


I am so looking forward to having these finished. They will be fun socks. And they are all for me.


4 thoughts on “Two Socks, But Not A Pair

  1. Chris says:

    Red?!?? That is SOOOOOO pink.

  2. Carrie#K says:

    Kitri’s going to be pretty!

    The ST socks are going to be awesome. After this one has been sufficiently Taught A Lesson.

  3. And if I lived somewhere I might wear said socks, I’d be right there with you 🙂 Of course, I’d have to find all my knitting supplies first.

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