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Reading Outside of Genre

So, I read sci-fi/fantasy. Almost always. But now and again, I will step outside that genre for one reason or another.

This most recent time I picked up something new was about a month ago. And it was because the end of the mystery section in my public library is on the same isle as the beginning of the fantasy. So, while I was browsing fantasy books, I had my back to mysteries.

And I happened to notice that one chunk of the books behind me were titled with knitting themed puns.

I couldn’t help it. I picked one up and took it home. And as I read it, I remembered that I had read a Knitting Mystery before, and enjoyed it. Well, it turns out that the one Knitting Mystery I had read has grown into a series several books large by now, and — while not the best literature or the most difficult mysteries to solve — they are all plain fun.

In the month or so that’s followed, I’ve read 4 of those books, am working on the next in line, and after that am just waiting on a hold to come in before starting the last 3 of the currently published books I’ve not yet read.

These are not the Agatha Christie, read-at-risk-of-nightmare kind of mystery. These are cozy mysteries, and while they deal with murders they have a mostly feel-good sense about them. And they have knitting. Lots and lots of knitting.

In short, if you are looking for a fun read, a mystery you have a shot at solving before the reveal, or a novel about knitters, these are worth a go. I’ve been enjoying them. It’s a good idea to read them in order unless you don’t mind spoilers from previous books, but with a few exceptions author Maggie Sefton does a good job of not putting in spoilers for her prior books. (Dyer Consequences is the major exception at this point. I wouldn’t read it until after you read Needled To Death.)


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