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Happy Banned Books Week!

I don’t have much time for a post of my own today, but I’ll attempt to make it worth your visit by sending you off to a friend of mine who is holding contests for Banned Book Week.

My friend Bea over at Bea’s Book Nook is a part of the Banned Book Blog Hop. Go to her post about it to find out more.

And in the meantime, read a book! It doesn’t have to be a banned book, though this is a good time to remember that there are books out there deemed “too dangerous” for people to read. And this is not some sci-fi world where merely reading a book could set off a magical explosion or set loose a demon who will bring about the end of the world. This is reality. The reason some people have decided these are dangerous books is because they might impart information which said people disagree with. Or worse, these books could open your mind to new ideas. Oh, the horror!

Me? I say bring it on.


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