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All Aboard!

So, those who know me will know that I am a huge Disney fan. Some of you may even know that I have lately started “collecting” special Disney experiences. For instance, keeping track of which attractions I’ve been on when they broke down. (So far only ‘Peter Pan’, which looks odd without the blacklights, and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, which gets odd when they turn off the soundtrack and all you can hear are the animatronics moving about.)

Lilly Belle 04

Well, one of the latest experiences to be added to my collection is a trip aboard the Lilly Belle.

Lilly Belle 05

The Lilly Belle, for those who don’t know, is a private car that is sometimes attached to the back of the train, and is named after Mrs. Lillian Disney. It is very luxurious inside, with furnishings especially chosen from the Disney family’s private collection. (Or, at this point, some replicas of same, since not all guests were respectful of the things in this car.)

Lilly Belle 03

My family got to ride in the Lilly Belle, along with 2 other small groups. The Cast Member who accompanied us (also because not all guests were respectful) told us stories about the car, such as how my niece was sitting in Johnny Depp’s favorite chair.

Lilly Belle 02

While the Lilly Belle is used to entertain special guests (such as Mr. Depp) when they visit the park, regular guests can sometimes get a ride, too. If the car is running, and you ask the station master at the Main Street station (as EARLY as you can… the spaces fill up fast!) they just might let you take a ride in this beautiful car. If you do, make sure to sign the guest book!

Lilly Belle 01


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