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Linkity for a Friday

It has been a long while since I’ve done a linkity post, hasn’t it? Should we fix that? I think we should. Also, I’m going to steal an idea from Chris of Stumbling Over Chaos and separate my links into similarly themed items.


  • If you like reading m/m e-books, and either need suggestions or the chance to win one for free in a contest, head over to Stumbling Over Chaos. Chris does giveaways every Tues-Thurs (as near as I can tell) and sometimes even has multiple contests per day.
  • My friend Julie has several options for those of you in need of reading material. She has YA paranormal fiction for sale, as well as free stories online featuring Doc, the Vampire Hunting Dog. Her fiction for sale includes a series of western short stores and a full-length novel, Senior Year Bites.



Mac - PC

Anyway, I could keep going, but I suspect that would end up with me getting distracted by the links and not actually posting any of them here. So instead of that I’m going to just end this blog now, and wish you all a lovely weekend!


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