Sorceress Interrupted

It’s book review Friday! Hooray!

Today’s book is SORCERESS INTERRUPTED, a novel of the EHJ (Elite Hands of Justice) and written by one of my ‘net friends, A.J. Menden. This is the third book in the series, and it’s probably best to start with book 1 (PHENOMENAL GIRL 5) and move on to book 2 (TEKGRRL) before reading this one. There’s a lot of backstory that (while I suppose isn’t *strictly* necessary) is really rather important.

I will first start this review with my one complaint: the actual printed book itself. Not only did the publisher make the brilliant decision (feel the sarcasm?) to release the e-book on the previously announced PRINT pub date and push the print book back several months, but then they changed the size from the previous mass market PB to trade PB. And the cover texture is weird.

So, that’s my complaint. Obviously it wasn’t enough to stop me from buying the book. It certainly wasn’t enough to stop me from LOVING the book.

Where to begin… first of all, I’m not going to go into spoiler things. So that leaves out several things I might otherwise talk about. It’s easy to say, though, that there was less hero-stuff and more magic in this book. Given both the title and the main character, though, this makes perfect sense.

I think my favorite part about this book was the way the characters interacted. Character is at the heart of most good stories, for me, but I thought this one did a particularly good job of it. Most of Fantazia’s growth was in the area of relationships of one kind or another, and so it makes sense that this is a favorite part for me. And Fantazia has plenty of issues to work through… relationships, parental, etc.

It was nice to see more about The Reincarnist, too. He’s been in a high profile role in these books since the beginning, but this time we get to see him from a different angle. It’s cool. And it answers a LOT of questions about his, and Fantazia’s past.

All told, I really enjoyed this one. I’m looking forward to the next… in print form. (Please Amy, tell me there is a next one!) I still like having my series all match, so since I have the rest of the books in print form, I want all of them in print form. There are so many more stories to be told, too… Hmm. I think she needs to write faster.



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