WiP Weds ~ 8.3.11 (In which there are flowers)

So, did any of my blog readers go to Sock Summit this year? (I know there’s a possibility… but it depends on whether the ladies in my S’n’B have recovered from Sock Summit…) I did not. It seems silly for it to be on my coast and such a KNITTING EVENT and not go, but there you have it. Money and all that.

Instead, I knit my own little sock while at home.

Artichoke SoupI didn’t get a whole lot of progress, but I did finish Clue 1. (And hey – in my defense I wasn’t knitting all weekend long, like SOME people I know.) And I still love this pattern, so that’s a good thing. I actually did take the sock places with me, though I don’t have photos of it traveling. It went to the theatre with me, and got worked on while I was waiting for THE MUSIC MAN to start. A fellow knitter (who was an usher) came up to me and asked questions about it. That’s always fun. She, however, says she knits on size US 18 needles, and couldn’t imagine using such small ones. Personally, I cringe from the thought of size 18s… I guess it takes all kinds.

The back panel of the Sweetheart Sweater still isn’t done. I don’t feel like taking another picture of something that’s in (visually) about the same place as it was a week ago, so you’ll have to use your imagination. I only have about 1.5-2 inches left to knit, though, which is promising.

And the Serendipity Stole, while getting there, is also not much different to look at. That’s one problem with knitting lace… unless it’s blocked/blocking, it can be hard to tell progress from week to week. I’m at the part in Clue 4 where I get to add more beads, though, so that makes me happy.

Flower 1, 8-3-11Instead of more knitting pictures, I’ll give you some flower pictures. These guys made me smile the other day while I was taking a break from work and walking around the block, so I took pictures. Hopefully they’ll make you smile, too.
Flower 2, 8-3-11And if the flower photos don’t do it, just think: we’re halfway to the weekend!


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