Music Makes the World go ‘Round

So, I had 8 comments (that weren’t me) on my contest post from last Monday. As a good D&D geek, I happen to have any number of 8-sided dice to choose from. The one I picked rolled an 8, which means that Chris of Stumbling over Chaos wins the contest with an appropriately silly song! Hooray!

Chris, I’ll be in touch with you to figure out what kind of cards you’d like me to make you. (And yes, black cats will be one of the options.)

In the meantime, I have some pictures of the seaside for you. Mrs. Pao suggested a walk on the beach, and requested photos, so here they are. I didn’t actually go on the beach, but I prefer walking along the cliff anyway. (I did walk up & down the Santa Cruz Boardwalk because it was there and had been some times since I’d visited, but I didn’t go on any rides.) Have a happy Monday!





5 thoughts on “Music Makes the World go ‘Round

  1. Yay, Chris!

    Last time I was at the Boardwalk (about a year ago), my cousin and I parked, walked down to the Giant Dipper for a ride, picked up the photo and sent it off to his daughter to torment her at work, walked the rest of the Boardwalk, walked the beach back and then drove off.

    It was DESERTED in comparison to what it used to look like in the early 80’s, which was wall to wall people.

  2. It has been a long time since I was last at the Boardwalk. There are only two rides that are “musts” for me: the Giant Dipper and the Carousel (trying to get the brass ring, of course).

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