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WiP Weds ~ 7.27.11

A quick reminder before the WiP part of the post… if you go to Monday’s post and comment with the name of a song to cheer me up, or a request for cheering of your own, you will be entered to win homemade cards! And you can enter daily for more chances!

This week has seen a lot of knitting progress! It might not always look like it, however. The second Artichoke sock, for instance, looks pretty pathetic when it comes to progress. I think I’ve knit maybe 4 rows on it.
WiP Progress 7.27.11 01

But, as you can see, I have actually started it. Which is undeniably progress. I still like this pattern, and I love the yarn. (Hazel Knits) I’ll have to get some more of it sometime.

There has also been progress on the Sweetheart Sweater. But, as is common with large projects like sweaters, it’s often hard to tell when progress has been made.

WiP Progress 7.27.11 02

I’m about halfway done with the back-after-armhole-shaping. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll need more yarn. Drat. I hate when that happens.

The bedbug has progressed too, and is now to the point of being done with the knitting and only needs some finishing work. I won’t be showing it off again here until it’s an FO.

And for a surprise, I’ve been working on the Serendipity Stole as well.
WiP Progress 7.27.11 03

It’s been a while since you’ve seen this on the blog, so you might not remember how long it was last time I shared it here, but trust me. It has grown. I’m in the middle of Chart 4, so am nearing half-way done. (You knit Charts 1-5 on one side, then put that aside and knit 1-4 again. I think they get grafted after that. I’m not 100% sure… and I’m not looking ahead to see, because I don’t want to know. I’d rather knit them together, because I think that style generally looks better, but I’ll trust the designer. Hopefully after all the time I’ve put into this thing, I’ll like the end result.)

Happy hump day!


6 thoughts on “WiP Weds ~ 7.27.11

  1. Pfft, Chris. If it was a single WIP, it would be in the same place because there’d be something else to take its place. Projects (or me) need time outs.

    Very nice! I like the patterning on the sweetheart sweater. Sad to say, you’ll probably have to graft the stole unless you want a seam.

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