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Trick of the light

It’s time for a book review!

Today’s review is on Trick of the Light by Rob Thurman. I’d heard great things about her work, and decided to try this one since it was the first book in a new series. I’m glad I picked it up; it was a fun read, with an enjoyable premise.

The cover blurb had a comment that annoyed me, though. It said something about “you’ll never guess the twist!” So of course, that made me look for the twist. (I didn’t see it, but I’m not sure it was written in way that guessing the full twist was possible, so it’s not really a fair comment.) There were parts of the twist that I guessed, and that was fun. But really, the “twist” almost felt like cheating. It made the final battle rather anti-climactic.

On the other hand, now that the twist has been revealed, I find the already-interesting characters so much more intriguing. I’m looking forward to the second book (which I think is already out, given that this was not a new release when I bought it, and it sat on my shelf for a while before I read it) to see where the characters as we now know them go with their lives.

One thing I really liked was the lack of attempted demon redemption. Also the lack of “the demon’s love for the heroine makes him pure enough to sleep with her without corrupting her” nonsense that you find in so many books these days. Yes, I understand the love of the Bad Boy. But, c’mon. Really. There’s Bad Boy and there’s DEMON. I am very glad that the distinction was made in TRICK OF THE LIGHT. It’s almost like Rob Thurman was complaining about the trend in UF herself…

It’s hard to talk about this book without giving spoilers for the ending… hmm. Let’s leave it at this: I LIKE this book. I like the characters, and the plot, and even the twist, though I typically prefer twists that I feel like I have a chance at figuring out. This one I didn’t even have the illusion of a hint. It’s not my new favorite book, but it’s a series I intend to continue. And that’s worth a lot.


2 thoughts on “Trick of the light

  1. My library review (which is actually Publisher’s Weekly review) calls it ‘…a pleasant unsurprising comfort read’. It still sounds interesting. It’s on my list to pick up now. I could use a demon comfort read.

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