It's My Life

A Case Of The Mondays

I was going to have a witty post for you today, but then it happened. Monday struck. And all I can do for the blog at the moment is a random bullet post.

  • Why do fun weekends sometimes leave one feeling unsatisfied at the end of them? Never mind, I think I can answer that myself.
  • Here’s a better question: why do I expect to get anything actually accomplished on a weekend that has fun activities planned? That would be more worth asking.
  • It’s one of those days. Already.
  • If my plan hadn’t been to not cast on anything new, I’d probably start about 5 new projects today to try and combat this icky bluesy feeling.
  • Instead I might stick to just starting a scarf I’ve been planning on making as a Christmas present instead.
  • Today is a great example of why alternative work schedules would be so great. Sadly, no one seems willing to let temp workers have much of a choice in anything, up to and including work hours.
  • I had more ideas for bullets in the shower, but they seem to have washed down the drain.
  • I’ve been drinking about decaf tea about half the time these mornings. Today is not one of those days.


  • Movie tickets should not cost $10.75 each. And that’s not even for 3D or IMAX or anything. Just sayin’.

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