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FO Friday ~ Swan Maiden

Today’s FO post is the finished object I have had off the needles the longest (unblogged):

My Swan Maiden Mitts!

Qiviuk Mitts - FO 2

These were made from Qiviuk yarn, and it was a JOY to work with. I would knit this stuff up again in a heartbeat. The only problem is the warmth of the fiber. (Well, it’s a problem in California, anyway.) It means that anything I *DO* knit from this will need to be winter wear or very, VERY lacy.

Qiviuk Mitts - FO 3

The Swan Maiden Mitts have a lace pattern, but are not lacy enough to wear Qiviuk in the summertime. So, these pretty things got their photo shoot, and then moved into the glove drawer to wait for fall.

Which is sad, but they are worth the wait. They are so soft, and so warm, and I will love wearing them. They didn’t use up the entire ball of Qiviuk, either. (Really, I can’t get over it. Who knew musk ox – even in a blend – would be so soft and comfy? Amazing.)

Qiviuk Mitts - FO 1

I did make one mod to this pattern, which was to flip the twist on the bottom cuff of the second mitt. Instead of both mitts twisting the same way, I wanted them to twist in toward each other. Some patterns (Fetching, I think?) do this on their own, and I loved the effect so much that I copied it here. Granted, the twist on this one wasn’t quite as easy a cable to satisfactorily flip, but it worked out fine. Of course, I can’t remember now exactly how I did it, so if anyone else wants to mimic this flip, they will have to figure it out on their own. Sorry.

Here are the specs: (links are to Ravelry)

PATTERN: Swan Maiden Mitts
DESIGNER: Holly Terrell
YARN: Qiviuk Majestic Blend
NEEDLES: US 2 (2.75 mm) magic loop
START/END DATES: 11/23/10 – 5/19/11
MODS: I flipped the twist on the second cuff (see above)


4 thoughts on “FO Friday ~ Swan Maiden

  1. Oh wow, those are awesome! Isn’t Quiviuk amazing? I have a winter hat made from it, and it’s so soft and light it’s like I’m not wearing anything on my head.

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