It's My Life

To Blathe

(If any of you don’t get the reference, go here. (Or here.) And to you I say, ‘Bah Humperdink.’)

What is love? (Twu wuv…) Is it a racing heart, sweaty palms, and butterflies in your stomach? (Or is that just lust?) Is it selflessness or passion or … what? Let’s explore.

True love is HIM cleaning up the mess after MY cat has been sick.

True love is falling asleep easily when he’s beside me, though it used to take me ages to fall asleep before.

I was told once that love was giving the other person the last brownie. But if done poorly, this will result in no one eating the brownie because you keep passing it back and forth.

True love is eating dinner an hour and a half later (or earlier) than usual, just so we can eat together.

True love is me not killing spiders because he wants to save them, but also him collecting the spiders and removing them. (Love is also both of us watching my cat as she chases after bugs, some of them spiders, and neither of us throwing things. (Him at the cat, me at the spider.))

That’s my thoughts, anyway. What are yours?


6 thoughts on “To Blathe

  1. True love is taking on 4 kids while you “escape” for 2-4 hours and mowing the lawn too!
    True love is giving me a back rub after working all day…and not complaining.

    I think you’ve got a winner Nikki!


  2. I had to go there. And you had to ‘bah Humperdinck’ me? (And now I can’t remember the singer’s first name but I did go to a concert of his). I am old. I wish I believed in True Love still.

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