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WiP Weds ~ 6.22.11

Without any delay today I bring you my WiP Weds.

Here is the current progress on the knitting front (links all go to Ravelry):

So, here’s picture proof: first the second EBS.

EBS progress 6-21-11

It would be longer, except I realized after finishing the gusset decreases that I didn’t turn the heel properly. So, a trip to the frog pond and some relatively easy picking up of stitches later, and we’re back on target. These have been my work-on-away-from-home project. I really want to finish these. They will be the only socks I knit this year as gifts, unless my guy decides randomly that he wants some.

And also the picture of my first Artichoke sock:

Artichoke progress 6-21-11

It would also be longer, except I realized as I neared the end of the second clue (about where I have reached again) that I neither liked the fabric nor the fit I was getting on those needles (US 0). So I switched to a larger needle (US 1.5) so I could get a better fit and use a magic loop, and restarted. I like the result much better now, and even if the sock is slightly loose, it fits well. Not all socks need to be snug. These won’t be super tall socks, and I can always adjust the stitch count to change the instep size if needed.

These have been the only thing I’m working on at home now that the Summer Mystery Shawl is done. It may switch to travel knitting once the EBSocks are done, especially when I’m on the (presumably) less-busy foot section.

(Also, the color in this photo is horrid. Don’t use it as a guide for what the socks look like. They’re much lovelier than this, but this is my current progress.)

Happy Hump Day, everyone! We’re half-way to the weekend!


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