Today will be a random Friday. It was either that, or no blog whatever, and I figured we’d all prefer a (semi-late) random blog to none.

So, on to the random:

  1. I never thought I’d be wearing long sleeves and rain coats in June. Perhaps light rain jackets during thunderstorms, but those were usually worn with shorts because the weather was warm.
  2. Bathroom deodorizer sprays should be left in the sprayer thingy and left to go automatically. They should not be left on the counter and up to the discretion of people.
  3. Cherries are awesome, but go bad too quickly. (This is only a problem because I can’t eat a whole bag in one sitting.)
  4. I want to be at Disneyland right now. Though, that would mean standing in (probably) very long lines for the opening day of Little Mermaid, so… maybe it’s better I’m at work.
  5. Finding a good, non-greasy, non-smelly lotion is really hard.
  6. Same for lipgloss.
  7. Fridays are wonderful, but I don’t look forward to Friday after my afternoon break. The day just DRAGS then until I am able to go home…

Have a good weekend, everyone! Happy June, and here’s hoping the seasons get to their proper showing soon!


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