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Mysterious WiPs

I’m a sucker for mysterious things. This makes it odd that I don’t enjoy reading mysteries more than I do. Actually, I suppose it makes sense – I like my mysteries to come with a known happy ending. And mystery books don’t do that.

To a degree, mystery knits don’t do that, either. However, if you know you like a designer, you can be pretty sure you’ll like the end result of her finished mystery project.

Take Wendy Johnson (aka WendyKnits). She started up a Summer Mystery Shawlette a couple weeks ago. I like her stuff, and this was a free pattern. A free MYSTERY pattern.

Summery Mystery 01

I had to cast on for it. Do you blame me? And so far, though I’m a little behind, I’m loving it. (The last clue is coming out tomorrow, and I’m nowhere near finished with the penultimate chart.) I’m knitting it with KnitPicks Chroma Bare, since it’s what I had in a not-too-variegated fingering-weight yarn.

Mystery knits aren’t always done by designers you know, however. Does that mean you shouldn’t do them?

Okie-dokie Artichoke 01


I haven’t knit anything by Janel Laidman, but when I saw a friend’s cuff for the Artichoke SKA Mystery Sock KAL, I had to cast one on, too. (Again: free pattern! And looking at her other works, and the way my artichoke sock is coming out, it was a good choice!)

There are, of course, other WiPs in the works today. The Serendipity Stole is still lingering, without much work being done on it. The Sweetheart Sweater is getting work (occasionally) but looks about the same as it did. The second Star Trek Sock has yet to be cast on. And the Babette Blanket will be a WiP for a while, I suspect.

Of my long-standing WiPs, the Emergency Backup Socks are the only ones showing real progress.

They’ve been getting work at rehearsals, and are to the heel turn. Now I just need to read my notes and figure out what I did BEFORE the next rehearsal so I can knit during rehearsal (looking at my knitting notes instead of the blocking notes is a BAD MOVE for the Stage Manager) and I’ll have these done in a jiffy.

Good thing, too. If this is truly to be the Year of Finishing Things, I need to finish more things. I’ve certainly been casting on PLENTY…

3 thoughts on “Mysterious WiPs

  1. I swear you’re going to get me knitting again. I even pulled out my supplies over the weekend to see what I had, sigh, not as many double-pointed needles as I thought (unless Mom has them). And I can’t find any of my holders, grrr, I know I have them in a number of different sizes.

    I really like that mystery shawlette…seems I have a similar pattern somewhere, though I’m thinking it’s a baby blanket not a shawl or shawlette.

    Darn it all, I wonder if I have any yarn around…

  2. I read somewhere recently that people who love mysteries don’t love mysteries, they love solutions. (Probably from a link on Chris’s blog.)

    The mystery KAL’s look pretty good so far. Janel Laidman’s mystery sock looks really intriguing.

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