Life’s a Beach

Summer is nearing, though you’d never be able to tell based on the weather California has been having lately. However, it’s mid-May, and time to start thinking about vacation reading.

Some people do a lot of their reading on the beach (or other vacation spots) if marketing is to be believed. You’ll find displays of “beach reads” in the big book stores, and there is practically a whole genre (or several sub-genres at least) of fluff novels that can be referred to as beach reading.

I’ve never been one to do a whole lot of reading on the beach itself. You end up with sand in your book. I’d rather find a grassy area at the top of a cliff ABOVE the beach, and read there. If I’m going to be on the beach, I want to doze on the warm sand. But that’s another story.

For myself, I’ve never taken much stock in the summer vacation reading thing. My summer vacations when I was in school tended to be action-packed: camping, sight-seeing, etc. Not a whole lot of relaxing. (And since I can’t read in the car, there was no reading during the travel part of the vacation, either.) It’s been my habit to read a lot less while on vacation than during the rest of the year. However, there’s nothing to say that I’m the “typical” reader. (Based on my annual books read volume, I’m guessing there’s nothing “typical” about my reading habits.)

What of the rest of you? I realize my blog readership is composed mostly of readers, but do you put much stock in vacation reading?


4 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

  1. What is a vacation? No, really….what is a vacation? 😉 Actually, I really read whenever I can and vacations are just another day in my book. I think when I was a kid I did a whole lot more reading during the summer than I do now. And with kids keeping me busy, I really don’t get a lot of reading time in unless they are blissfully busy or asleep. I certainly do not like the idea of reading on the beach either…sand..ick! Give me a shady spot under a tree and that is bliss!


  2. What is this “vacation” you speak of? I pretty much read all the time and always have so I’ve never really thought about beach reads – but that said, I do take along a book (or 2 or 3) to read if I’m going away. It’s actually the only reason I managed to finish The Mystery of Udolpho – hours on the plane or in the airport.

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