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WiP Weds 5.11.11

WiP Weds

For today’s WiP Weds post, I want to do something different. I want to focus on ONE project, rather than everything I have on the needles. Or on the hook, as in the case of today’s project:

The Babette Blanket.

I really like this blanket. I like the variety it provides: even though it’s basically just crocheting granny squares, the color variation keeps me interested. The square sizes do too – some are big squares, and some are small squares.

It’s a lot of fun. Mostly. I haven’t been working on it much lately (until now) because it’s a lot of double crochet. One stitch. Over and over. Also because I wanted to finish more socks and, therefore, get more leftover sock yarn to use.

So why did I pick it back up the other day? Partly because I want to knit a mitred crosses blanket, and I only want to have one project of each type (blanket, sweater, shawl, etc) OTN at once. (Socks don’t count. Just like sock yarn doesn’t count as stash.) But also because I like the project, and I love the idea of having a blanket made out of my soft, yummy sock yarn.

Plus, I mean. Really. Just look at those colors.


6 thoughts on “WiP Weds 5.11.11

  1. I LOVE that blanket! Years ago my ex-MIL taught me how to crochet. I love the “kitchiness” of a granny square blanket, and I’ve always wanted to make one. Now you have me a-thinkin’…


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