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Friday Reads 5.6.11 ~ Review Time!

Well, I haven’t been doing book reviews as often as I wanted to at the start of this year, but at least I’ve been talking books on the blog more than I used to. However, I still want to do reviews.

What’s that? Today’s a good day for a book review, you say? Okay, sounds good to me. Here we go:


I really enjoy Tanya’s books. I’ll just say that now and get it out of the way. I don’t like all of them equally, and I haven’t read everything she’s written, but in general I have positive feelings toward her as an author. So, when I saw a new book she wrote that had a magic store and a dragon on the cover, I bought it.

The magic store has less of an impact on the story than I thought when I bought it, but I enjoyed the story all the same. It is still a magic store, and there are fun magical items in it (such as a monkey’s paw and a magic mirror with a mind of its own) so it’s okay if the best selling items are yo-yos.

My biggest complaint is that there are some things that don’t get explained or tied up in the end. However, this does leave hope for a sequel, so I’m not complaining too loudly. I really want another one of these books. It was a really fun premise, and the Gale family is awesome. I’d love to read more about it, including what other things are hiding in the dark recesses of the store.

Speaking of the Gale family, there are explanations for a lot of the questions about the family that I had at the beginning of the book, but a lot of things are more in the nature of figure-it-out-as-you-go-along.

There are several… well, not twists exactly, but unexpected reveals (as one would expect from this kind of book). Some I guessed ahead of time, and some I didn’t but either way they were enjoyable. All in all, it was a highly enjoyable book. Reading-level-wise, it wasn’t quite YA, but it wasn’t fully “adult” either. It straddled the line of “adults who like YA” very nicely. I highly recommend this book. And if you hear rumors of a sequel, let me know…


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