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Believe It Or Not

There is still writing here, though you might not believe it given how often I have writing posts…

Not much of the current writing is easy to blog about though. Partly because it’s on random various projects, but mostly because it’s still in my head. At any rate, there is stuff happening. How about a bullet post to show just what’s going on? Sounds good to me too.

  • Last time I talked about writing projects, I mentioned short stories. I haven’t worked on them since.
    I am also supposed to be doing a submissions packet for my completed YA. Yup, no progress there either.
  • My several steampunk stories are languishing because… actually, I don’t know why. But I don’t the enthusiasm for the projects don’t last past the first few chapters. I think I need to immerse myself in steampunk somehow and more fully develop my world. That could help. I don’t really feel my world as a cohesive whole yet.
  • I have meant to write a follow-up to my completed YA for a while, but it’s been a background thing. I wrote the first three sentences of it today, with no background work (other than a basic premise in my head). It’s not a sequel, really, more another book in the same setting with a similar feel. Yes, they’re related books. No, this isn’t a sequel.
  • I want to write three distinct genres at this precise moment: hard futuristic Sci-Fi, paranormal/steampunk romance (at the moment I consider steampunk to be an offshoot, and therefore essentially the same genre) and YA contemporary light fantasy.
  • The Sci-Fi is the easiest to set aside, because it requires so much more research. It’s harder for me to write.
  • Not that I should be “setting aside” any writing, but I need to hone my focus. Until I do so, I’m not going to attempt pure Sci-Fi. I won’t do it justice in my current state of mind.
  • The romance is hard to write too, because I’m currently in an “oh, give me a break” mode when it comes to sex scenes. I’ve had trouble reading them without some serious eye-rolling these days.
  • That leaves YA. Which, for me, is the easiest to write anyway. (As long as I go with the older YA rather than the younger… it’s been too long since I was in Jr. High. I have issues channeling my inner pre-teen.) Besides, it’s in a contemporary world with only a little fantasy element. I don’t need to do nearly as much building to get to that world.

And that’s about where I stand right now. Things are moving, but mostly in my head.

That’s a start, though, right?


2 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not

  1. So once you make up your mind to write X and announce it, you want to write anything but X?

    Romance & sex between characters is one thing. Romance & sex scenes in a book are another. Organic?

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