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We Interrupt This Broadcast

… to bring you a Finished Object Friday!

Finished MTT Socks 02

Today we have the finished pair of MTT socks. Hooray! I’ve been working on these (off and on, with the emphasis on “off”) for about 7 months. They were solely car knitting at first, and then I started a new theatre production and they became meeting and rehearsal knitting to give me something to do when I wasn’t taking notes.

That’s when they started flying off the needles.

Finished MTT Socks 03

After the first meeting, I’d knit well over 2 inches without realizing it. The second meeting added another inch or two. By the end of the third (or maybe the first rehearsal) I’d knit past the heel turn without knowing I’d done so.

That was the only time in the past month (besides when I had to start new yarn and match up the pattern) that I worked on these socks while NOT involved with my current show. I fixed the heel, and a couple weeks later, finished socks.

Finished MTT Socks 04

It amazes me that I only knit on these 2 days a week, and yet the second sock went so fast. Some people knit that fast regularly. I don’t.

The best part of these socks? Well, besides the fact that they fit ME?

Finished MTT Socks 01

They’re all matchy-matchy. Nearly perfectly so. I love them. Who knew such a simple sock could bring so much happiness?

And now for the stats (which I am shamelessly stealing from Turtlegirl Christy):

PATTERN: none, just a basic sock
SOURCE: cast-on method: my friend Meg. (The rest of it was cobbled together from whatever I was near when I needed reminders.)
YARN: Jo-Ann Sensation Soles & More
NEEDLES: Harmony Wood DPNs, size US 1 (2.25mm)
START TO FINISH: 8/11/10 to 4/27/11, including sewing
MODS: none, since I wasn’t working from a pattern


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