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WiP Weds ~ 4.20.11

. . . and time has gotten away from me again. This past weekend I was supposed to do some writing, create a Round of Words #2 blog post, and various other things online that just didn’t happen. I got a lot done, but it wasn’t on the things I had originally intended.

I did start a new knitting project. Which, as we all know, is sometimes the only thing standing between me and insanity.

I’m making another Annis Shawl, this one as a gift. As such, this is the only mention there will be of it until after the recipient has gotten it. 🙂

There has been progress on other knitting, too. However, the Qiviuk Swan Maiden Mitts and the Isabella Sweater both look about the same, so I’m not going to add more pictures of the same thing you saw last week.

Probably the most noticeable progress has been on the MTT socks. I’m nearly done with those now – down to the last color repeat.

One more complete stretch of this color patterning, and I’ll be done! I think I’m going to aim to cast off the second sock at the same point in the yarn regardless of leg length. It will be close enough, and the colorway will be more obvious than a centimeter or so in height. This makes me happy. It’s going to be so matchy-matchy! Hooray!

Life is also good around here (not just the knitting). The theatre production is looking good, and I’ve been happy in my personal life as well. Plus, there is cat.

And a playful cat is a happy cat.


2 thoughts on “WiP Weds ~ 4.20.11

  1. What yarn are you using for the Shawl That Must Not Be Spoken Of?

    Yay for almost finished socks!

    We have that same kitty curl scratcher!

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