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When is a blog belated?

Because let me tell you, it feels like this WiP Weds post is late even though it’s still Wednesday. I’m so used to having my blog posts up first thing in the morning on the day I post. But I suppose that posting every other weekday instead of daily makes a difference, too.

However, it’s still Weds, and I have WiP pictures!

That is the current status of the second MTT sock. I’m past the heel turn (even with the slight setback which was me knitting past the heel turn the first time around) and into the leg. Now I just need to match up the color repeat from the second ball of yarn, and finish this puppy. I want new knit socks, so I’m very motivated to get this one finished. Between rehearsals and prod staff meetings for my current theatre endeavor, and time spent in the car, this sock has been flying.

(Yes, I was lazy and knit from the first ball of yarn when I started this sock. Ah well. I’ll have to find the matchy-matchy part at some point, so I guess now is as good a time as any.)

Here is the second Swan Maiden (aka Qiviuk) Mitt. I’m finding that, like the first mitt, the body of knitting AFTER the twisted rib goes MUCH FASTER than the ribbing did. Quite likely some combination of the ribbing and the cable twists made that section drag on so… it’s a very lovely result, but a big time sink! It doesn’t look like it should be, but there you have it.

I fully expect these mitts will be finished in time to store for next fall. I should say – I HOPE that will be the case. CA weather has been doing stupid stuff lately, and I want my CA spring. NOW, please.

Next up is the Isabella sweater. The coloration isn’t what I had envisioned when I started this sweater, but c’est la vie. I don’t DISlike it, so to speak, but it’s not as pretty as I had expected. I think the striping isn’t helping in that regard, but I still maintain that it’s needed in order to not have the color do weird things when I get to the front. (Well, there are other ways for it to not do weird things, but those ways would drive. Me. Crazy. I mean, crazier than I already am.)

So. Is this a new favorite sweater? Not yet (through no fault of the pattern.) But it’s a fun knit, and season-appropriate, and I can hopefully at least practice making something that will fit me. (*fingers crossed*)


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