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WiP Weds 4.6.11

Today we have a quick WiP post, but a WiP post nonetheless.

First up is the Isabelle Sweater. Progress is coming along nicely, and while I’m not sure I love the yarn colors at this point, I do know I like the blue section that’s coming up. I just didn’t realize the repeats were this LONG. (I am alternating yarn every other row to make the front coordinate better and make ball changes less obvious. But with such a long color repeat, I’m not sure this was the best idea. Oh well. Too late now; I’m not ripping it out and starting over!)

Next is the second Swan Maiden Mitt. I’m past the (reversed) ribbing for this one, and on to the Wings of the Swan pattern. I really like working with this yarn. I’m surprised, given how much I love the yarn and like the pattern, that I’m not done with these yet.

Last for today is the second MTT sock. It makes good travel knitting and good meeting knitting. (Of course, one must be the passenger to get knitting done while driving, and not be taking minutes to get knitting done in meetings. Still, good progress has been made.) And look how matchy-matchy they are! Not quite exact, but pretty darn near!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far!


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