And Two Bits!

Wow, time flies! We’ve now finished the first quarter of 2011. Amazing, huh? I can’t believe that the year’s a fourth over already.

So, I was planning on doing not weekly goals, not monthly goals, and not merely yearly goals; but quarterly goals. However, I looked back, and saw that I posted yearly goals (or “Intentions”) but didn’t actually list my quarterly ones. (At least, not that I saw through a migraine haze last night.)

So, we’ll leave it as “Q1 2011 was good. Not measurably so, because I didn’t set quarterly specific goals, but good nonetheless.”

And so that Q2 2011 is more measurable, here’s what I want to have accomplished three months from now…

1. Finish the short story that I’m currently working on. (We’ll call it “Foretold” for lack of a better name.)

2. Maintain the S/M – W – F blog posting schedule.

3. Start cutting back on caffeine (again). This is always easier in the spring and summer. Hopefully this year I can maintain it better. (Oh… and this is not for any dietary reasons, or addiction reasons, and certainly not religious reasons. This is because I like having the ability to use tea to combat a headache, and I can’t do that if I’m acclimated to the caffeine levels. Also because I like vacationing without needing to take tea with me in order to not get a headache.) (Side note: this will start later. Not today. I still have the remnants of yesterday’s headache today.)

4. FINALLY finish the submissions package for T. I’m not even going to plan to send it anywhere yet. I just want to get it READY to send.

5. A couple of projects I have for the theatre company that (while I’m not detailing them on here) I’d like to have done by the end of May (aka the end of Q2). Or at least have one done and the second started.

6. Finish one of the three SiPs (aka Socks in Progress) I have OTN (On The Needles) at the moment. This will probably be the MTT socks, because I have gotten the foot of sock #2 started for that one.

7. Ideally, also finish the mitts OTN.

Seven things sounds reasonable. I think we’ll go with that and see how I do.


2 thoughts on “And Two Bits!

  1. Chris says:

    Ugh, I hope the migraine is long gone!

  2. Carrie#K says:

    Cutting down on caffeine, for whatever reason, sounds entirely unreasonable. And I can quit anytime I want to.

    Ditto on hoping the migraine is long gone! And that this quarter is a fruitful one.

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