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No WIP Today

Sorry, I don’t have WiP pictures for you today. Instead, let me tell you about a friend of mine who’s blogging about a year’s worth of food adventures. (It’s not just a blog, though, he does a daily vlog.)

Over at, Alex is chronicling a year’s worth of food experiments. He takes a month (give or take) and gives himself a challenge for that month. The first month he tried going vegan. The second month he ate alphabetically. This month he is going gluten-free. Next month… who knows?

He isn’t doing this for a diet fad, or because he has food allergies. But it is broadening his pantry, so to speak, and showing some problems in the way the food industry does things. (One of my favorite examples was the lady at the pizza place who answered the question “is your crust vegan?” with “um… yes?”)

Anyway, if you want to see some amusing short vlogs, go take a look. And if you have sharp eyes, you’ll see me in some of them, too.

In the meantime, here’s what I do have pictures of:

Yup. A bird collecting the window screen for nesting material.

Want a closer look?

Suzy does too.


8 thoughts on “No WIP Today

  1. Suzy is definitely taking a closer look.

    Hmm, Alex’s food experiments sound intriguing. That’s an easy way to expand your gastromic horizons. I tried something like that with money when I instituted a Spend Nothing Day once a week. So much harder than I thought…..

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