More Frustration

First of all, I had been planning a different title, but seeing that I tried posting this from WordPress Mobile and couldn’t log on, I’ve been a little annoyed. Even more annoyed given that the “help suggestions” they have apply only to the self hosted WP folk, and not those of us using WP free. (This is not to say I feel we deserve the same benefits given to those who put down money. But if something is advertised as available to all WP users, it darn well should be.) And to cap off the annoyance, WP recently updated their mobile (iPhone) app, the same one now giving me password error notifications, in which they did the brilliant thing of deleting the way you could actually GET TO YOUR PASSWORD. Not that the password would have remained STORED there, or anything. I don’t even get the dubiously annoying privilege of entering my password every time I want to do something on WP Mobile anymore.

At any rate, I’ll end this rant now with the apology that the blog is getting posted approximately half a day later than it would have been, had the app been working. I hope you had a more productive Monday than I feel like I’ve had.


It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my writing on here. I’m not going to talk about it a lot today either, mostly because I have a case of the Mondays, but I will talk about it.

For one thing, blog writing. It’s so much harder for me to schedule Monday posts than any other day. I think this is because I don’t want too much time to elapse between the schedule date and the post date, and I haven’t found/made writing time on the weekends much these days. Too many other things are going on; I don’t have the desire to write on weekends.

(Side note: if life continues the way it is now, I don’t think I will be doing NaNo this year. On the other hand, if I can get in a routine before October that I think I can manage to maintain through November, this could be an awesome year for NaNo. We’ll see.)

As to the writing itself, I am in a weird place for me. I don’t feel like writing novels. I want to write shorter things. I have a few plans for things that sound fun. I’ve even gotten about halfway through a short story with the words flowing nearly of their own accord.

This is really odd. I don’t normally like writing short stories.

And yet, that’s what’s appealing at the moment. Of the many things I’ve learned about myself, one of the biggest things writing-wise that I have learned is that I need to write what is calling to me. Forcing myself to write something I don’t want to spend time on doesn’t work. It’s pulling teeth to get the words on paper, and then I scrap the whole thing in the editing process because you can tell I wasn’t happy about writing it. So it’s just tons of wasted time.

I’m not under contract for anything, so I can do this. And while I can spend the time writing what I want instead of what someone is paying me to do (oh please oh please) I am going to do just that. Because right now, writing is supposed to be fun, not work. Or at least, writing is supposed to be the job I WANT to do, rather than the job I HAVE to do in order to put food on the table.

So for now? The steampunk novel will wait, and the short stories (and maybe a novella) will get worked on. Other than the subject matter, the biggest difference is that I’ve written in one week more actual story words on the short than I managed in a whole month on the novel.


2 thoughts on “More Frustration

    • Ugh, tell me about it. I’m considering switching back to Blogger if this keeps up. I like being able to access the blog from my iPhone, and if I can’t with one provider… well, maybe another will let me do that without sacrificing any of the other bloggy stuff I like.

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