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Quicky WIP-y

Just a short WIP Weds post today, because I forgot to take more pictures last night…

Then again, I also only have three WIPs going at present: the Serendipity Stole, the Sweetheart Cardigan, and the Swan Maiden Mitts. (Hmm. I sense a theme. Not intentional, I promise.) All three are knit on very fine yarn, all three are lacy, and I love all three. However, only one is really portable: the mitts. Therefore, it’s what I have with me right now, and it’s what I can take a picture of on my break at work.

I’ve reached the top ribbing of the first mitt. I really love this yarn, and the pattern as well. They go quite nicely together. I’m looking forward to starting the left mitt, though it will take a little adjusting at first since I’ve planned to reverse the twist on the cuff (and the pattern is not written that way). I also have decided not to do the thumb on the first mitt until I have both mitts otherwise finished. Dunno why, really. But I don’t want to, so there.

Have a great hump day, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Quicky WIP-y

  1. Hi Nicole!
    In my quest to get to know my fellow OWG members a little better, I’ve been dropping by their blogs to read and comment. Wow! Not only are you a writer but a fabulous knitter as well!
    Your work is beautiful.

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