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No WIP Today

Sorry, I don't have WiP pictures for you today. Instead, let me tell you about a friend of mine who's blogging about a year's worth of food adventures. (It's not just a blog, though, he does a daily vlog.) Over at, Alex is chronicling a year's worth of food experiments. He takes a month… Continue reading No WIP Today

Blogging Boredom


I think I got WP Mobile working. I only had to delete my blogs (from the app, not from the 'net) and reload them. This was discovered after trying everything I could think of to locate where my password was stored (still can't find it; better not change my password. Like, ever) and nearly throwing… Continue reading Onward

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WiP Weds – the Startitis Edition

First of all, I would like to congratulate Maria, who won my contest. I’ve contacted her regarding her prize. Thanks, everyone, for joining me! We’ll have more contests soon(ish) for those of you who missed out. Now, about the knitting... I was supposed to be so good. I wasn’t going to cast on anything new.… Continue reading WiP Weds – the Startitis Edition