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(There won’t be a detailed ROW80 update this week, because I have been involved in other personal life things that aren’t going up here. However, progress is being made, even if it is limping progress. It will continue to be made, one step at a time, this week. Next week might pick up, or it might not. But progress will be made even if it is in halting steps rather than sprints or jogs or mad dashes. Hopefully by March I will have settled down into a regular schedule. I have a schedule planned, but don’t yet have the ability to stick to it and still get Life accomplished. Regardless of the interruptions, I am writing actual new words, and that is more than I had been doing before I started this challenge.)

What I do have for you today us a current picture of my Klingon sock. I’m nearly to the tie decreases on this first sock, and am very ready to cast this guy off. Why? Because. I enjoy the knitting of it, but I – like many in the blog-o-sphere and in my knitting circle – am on a finishing kick. Having WIPs languish in my knitting bag is starting to drive me nuts.

Will I get this one done soon? Yes. Will I finish the pair soon too? We’ll see. But I will probably not be casting on anything new for a while now. (Of course, having said that…)

(Argh! Where is my sock picture? Trying it again…)


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