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Book Review: Lady Doctor Wyre

I received Lady Doctor Wyre as an e-book review copy from the author. However, this is one that was on my :to buy” list — only the fact that it isn’t yet released has prevented me from buying it.


At its heart, Lady Doctor Wyre is a steampunk story. However, this is a steampunk set not in an alternate past, but an alternate future. (Sort-of.) It takes the history of our world, and transfers it to a matriarchal universe where countries are planets and all of history’s famous men have become famous women. It’s quite amusing to read about Madame President instead of Mister President, and how ships — space ships, naturally — are called “he”. Joely’s all about the details.

Even though I would class Lady Doctor Wyre as a steampunk, it’s not your traditional steampunk. Many of the traditional elements are present, while many others are morphed into something more futuristic. This world mixes silk stockings with space ships, corsets with nanobots. The strict Society rules found in many steampunk novels are in effect, but they are entirely presided over by women, both in the political and social realms.

Lady Doctor Wyre is also a romance. Not in the “every other scene is sex” style, but in the sense that it is a character-driven, emotion-driven story with themes of love and loss. Now, if you are at all familiar with Joely’s writing style, you will not be surprised to hear that there is sex in the story. Pretty darn near the beginning of it, in fact. But you will also not be surprised to hear that it is all quite believable and enjoyably written. I didn’t spend a moment rolling my eyes in disbelief about any part of the story — sex scene or otherwise. As with every story she has crafted that I have read, Joely blends fantasy with reality in a completely believable and utterly enjoyable fashion.

I look forward to March 29th, and being able to congratulate Joely Sue Burkhart on another successful release date. Won’t you join me?

Oh — and if you want to read a sample of her “Jane Austen Space Opera” (as she calls this series), be sure to check out today’s Friday Snippet on her blog for a bit of the free read prequel.


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