Quick Reviews

Here are a few quick book reviews, since I haven’t been doing them lately. I want to give my impressions of these books, even if not full-blown reviews. After all… I am calling myself a bookwyrm. I need to have books in here SOMEWHERE to make that really count.

First is the book I just finished: Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh. This is part of her Psy-Changeling series, and quite enjoyable. I like the fact that she doesn’t follow a formula with her romances. It’s a nice change that the hero and heroine don’t always end up in the same situations (eek – a bit spoilery, be warned) and a very nice change that it seems not all main character Psy in her books will defect from the PsyNet. However, it does seem that the women are the ones needing to be rescued, if one of the pair gets in trouble. While I roll my eyes at that, it is a standard thing, and definitely fit this particular book.

Another thing I noticed while reading this one is that the steamy scenes didn’t interest me as much as expected. This could be because of the hour (it was late) or the specific characters, but I’m not sure. The hour usually affects my enjoyment of only creepy scenes, and I liked the characters. I’m wondering if it’s because I don’t need the external outlet for romance that I did not too long ago… It will be interesting to see whether I react to other romance novels in a similar fashion now that my own relationship is more steady.

Next up in the mini-review list: Shower of Stars by Nancy Herkness. This one was a contemporary romance, which (for purposes of my reading mini-challenge this year) I am considering outside my usual genre. There was no paranormal or fantasy element to it at all, and I do read more fantastical books than anything.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it when I got it from the library, frankly, but I was curious and decided to give it a try. I’m really glad I did! The hero is a meteorite hunter, and while I’m not sure whether this is an actual profession, it’s a fascinating one whether real or fictional. The characters were nicely fleshed out, though I didn’t quite understand the heroine’s obsession with having kids to the point of getting married on a week’s notice for the sole purpose of having a steady income, once I accepted that there were some quirks I just needed to go with, the read went smoothly. It was highly enjoyable, and I will be looking for other of Nancy’s books in the future.

The last of the mini-reviews is a long-standing comfort read for me: Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsong. There’s something magical about dragons. Always has been, for me. And so the fire lizards (aka mini-dragons) which hold such a prominent place in the second half of this book are a good choice for a comfort read. Add to that the music that permeates the whole of the Harper Hall trilogy (this is the first book of that trio) and I love the set.

I’ve not been reading the Harper Hall trilogy lately, though. I’ve been listening to the audiobooks as I commute to and from work. And while I’ve found (in general) that men have an easier time distinguishing male from female voices in a believable enough fashion, Sally Darling (the reader for the whole trilogy in the Recorded Books edition) does a wonderful job of narrating the men’s voices as well as the women’s. I really like listening to her read these books. I may have to look for other things she’s read when I’ve finished this series.


4 thoughts on “Quick Reviews

  1. Ref: steamy scenes

    You know I’m finding the more I’m learning on the writing front the pickier I am with this type of scene. If the emotions aren’t in the forefront of the scene I’m not as interested and sometimes :gasp: actually skip.

    Ref: Anne McCaffrey

    Love the entire Pern world but have to say this trilogy was my first read and remains my favorite. I’ve trying to get my oldest to read the series but am meeting resistance.

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