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A Round of Groundhog

Just a quick mobile blog today… However, I did want to update my Round of Words progress, and to share the current picture of my Emergency Backup Socks.

First, the writing. I have managed since last Weds to stuck to what I wanted to. I’ve been working on my writing on weekdays, and yesterday – as the first day in Feb – I got over 200 story words written. Not a huge amount of words, I know. But, given that I’ve been getting none recently, it’s good. (Also – I still need to work on plotting, as well. Have to split my time.)

As to the sock, it’s taken over as my work-break-knitting. I haven’t finished the Argus shawlette yet, but it’s no longer so portable, and will get worked on in other locations. I’m almost half-way done with the foot of this sock, and still enjoying the knit. I really like the yarn. I think it’s Paton’s Stretch Sock.

Happy Wednesday!


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