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Life, WiP, and the Pursuit of Happiness

So, it’s time to check in with the Round of Words again! (Somehow I thought I’d be posting something in-between this and the last check-in, but ah well.)

Things have not nearly gone so well in the writing front this time. Partly because that lovely headache I mentioned on Sunday? Might be gone now. After 3 days of pain. I’m not holding my breath until it’s been gone for over a day straight.

The writing also has not been going as well because I have a full-time job again now, something I’ve been lacking since the spring. I’m not going into details, this being on the interwebs and all, but suffice it to say that I’m hopeful about this position. I like the people, the work (so far, after one day) is well within my skill set and yet should be varied enough to stay interesting, and the location isn’t bad either.

So. All that to say that I haven’t really gotten much of anything written. Yes, I feel bad about that. But this is The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life. So I’m not going to beat myself up because said Life handed me a bunch of Things Other Than Writing these past few days. I think I will have some time for more iAnnie tomorrow, and I will be getting into a routine that will allow for planned writing time. And after all, that planned/scheduled writing time is what the whole point of me joining this challenge really was. So this is a Good Thing.

(At least I’m thinking in the steampunk/gaslamp mentality. You can tell, because I am Using Caps. A lot. This is part of how I behave when I’m mentally in that genre.)

So, to make your trip here worth something, I have two more things for you. One is a picture of the current state of the Klingon socks.

Klingon Socks 02

They’re fun to knit, and so far they fit me. I hope they continue to do so!

And the second fun thing before I send you off with Happy Wednesday wishes, is a book meme. I got it from My Middle Name Is Patience, whose author, I just discovered, is a mutual friend of Chris @ SoC and yet lives near me. Funny how these things work.

Anyway, the MEME is to use the books you read last year to fill in the blanks in the list below. As for myself, I read 76 books (not all finished, a couple I gave up on) in 2010. The links are to the LibraryThing listings.

I spent my New Year’s Eve: with Eyes Like Stars (Théâtre Illuminata book #1, by Lisa Mantchev)

I’ve made a resolution to: keep Searching for Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles book #2, by Patricia C. Wrede)

I plan to quit my habit of: getting Frostbitten (Otherworld book #10, by Kelley Armstrong)

I hope I’ll get to visit: The Sleeping Beauty (500 Kingdoms book #5, by Mercedes Lackey) (or at least her castle in Disneyland.)

One project I didn’t finish last year but want to finish this year is: Mine To Possess (if I work hard enough) (Psy-Changeling book #4, by Nalini Singh)

I want to learn: A Matter of Magic (book by Patricia C. Wrede)

I’m not looking forward to: being Rain Lashed (a Kyndred novella by Lynn Viehl) (second link is Lynn’s link to the novella itself on Google Docs)

My biggest dream for the year is: to survive Fortune and Fate (Twelve Houses book #5, by Sharon Shinn)

I hope I don’t end up: Broken (book by Shiloh Walker)

I’ll probably spend a lot of time: watching Movies in 15 Minutes (book by Cleolinda Jones) (and if you want to sample her work without getting the book, look no further.)

So, that’s it for my Wednesday. I hope you have a great one!


5 thoughts on “Life, WiP, and the Pursuit of Happiness

  1. I’ve been really pleased to see people having this attitude
    about ROW80…because life does happen and I think we, as writers,
    waste too much time berating ourselves for that. Time that would be
    better spent revising our goals and working on making whatever
    progress we can. So good for you, good luck with the new job, and
    good luck finding the best way to integrate it with your

  2. A Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life sounds like challenge that can teach you a lot about both your writing and your life.

    Oh, squee! I’m glad you did the meme, isn’t it fun? Fortune & Fate is perfect. And I’ve just realized, I haven’t read any Mercedes Lackey in some time.

    Too bad Chris spaced you were in CA! But then again, I had only her and not Lee as my shotgun driver at first. (She actually thought that my GPS, “Lee” was a real person. This speaks badly of my attachment to technology, I think).

    Speaking of….. nice Klingon socks!

    1. We’ll just have to remind Chris next time. 😉

      And my brother-in-law named his GPS, too, so you’re not alone. (I think his was named “Maggie”… Something like, anyway.)

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