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WiP Weds – Socking It

I guess, since one of my current sock projects was emergency knitting, that it should come as no surprise that I have more socks on the needles than I’d planned. (I found myself really early somewhere, trying not to be nervous, and with no knitting. An emergency trip to Michael’s was necessary to keep me presentable for my meeting.)

The longest of the WIP socks I don’t have a current picture of. It’s a plain vanilla sock design with self patterning yarn, which makes it look cool even though I don’t have to do anything. I have one of the two socks done for that pair. I’ll start the second when I’m done with my other basic pair of socks in progress, which is:

Emergency Socks 02

The emergency backup socks. These are made with a stretchy yarn (Paton’s Stretch Socks), which makes for a bit of fun knitting, and the yarn is pooling just enough to make the color interesting too. They’re a basic sock with some of the ribbing from the cuff carried down the side to break up the knit stitches with a little purling. I’m to the heel of the first sock.

I’m also working on a third pair of socks:

Klingon socks 01

Klingon socks. You can’t quite tell yet, but that’s going to be the Klingon insignia on the leg of the sock. The pattern also has the Federation insignia as a part of the pattern, but I wanted to do this one first. I may eventually do the Federation one as well. (The pattern suggests doing it in yellow, but if I ever do the Federation socks, I’m pretty sure it will be in blue.)

The other current WIP photo I have to share today is for a pair of mitts:

Qiviuk Mitts 02

These are the Swan Maiden Mitt pattern, which I am making out of Qiviuk yarn (made from musk ox). It is so incredibly soft, and I suspect will be very warm as well. I am loving knitting with this yarn. I am looking forward to being able to wear them — though, knowing me, I’ll finish them just in time for the hot weather. Ah well. Next winter, at least.


5 thoughts on “WiP Weds – Socking It

  1. Busy knitting you!! I have a newish sock in timeout right now, since I think I need to rip out the heel and the gusset increases and knit it longer before starting the heel… Maybe I’ll just add some gusset increases instead…

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