A Last FO of 2010

I had planned to have another WiP Weds post for you today, but then something unexpected happened. I finished the project I was going to blog about.

So, instead, we have one last FO post of the year!

Finished Lazy Katy 05

This is the Lazy Katy Shawl. (It’s also listed some places as Lacy Katy, and I’m not really sure which is correct.)

Finished Lazy Katy 07

I used a Zauberball to knit it, and all the lovely color changes are the result of the yarn, and not my knitting. However, I do love the way this one knit up.

Finished Lazy Katy 06

And it was fast! I don’t normally finish a project as quickly as I finished this one.

The thing that took the longest was the beading. But given how the beads turned out, I think it was time well spent.

Finished Lazy Katy 03

This was a very fun shawl to make, and I love the flow of the design. I haven’t worn it yet, but I think it will stay in place pretty well, too, unlike your basic triangle shawl. I really love this one. Good thing I had planned to keep it from the start, because there’s no way I could give it away now.


6 thoughts on “A Last FO of 2010

  1. OMG I want one. That’s beautiful… really really beautiful. Lacy dragon wing awesomesauce.

    Ok, done gushing. LOL. I want to see pics of you wearing it at some point so I can see how it drapes 🙂 I have a feeling I won’t convince my mom to make me one though.

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