Friday FO: Flurries

So, one of the Secret Christmas Knits was actually a crochet project, and has been given away already. And that means I can post pictures now!

2010 Snowflakes 01

These are the snowflakes I crocheted for my knitting friends. I found out that one of them wasn’t going to be in town for the rest of our knit nights, so I had to get these whipped up quickly so they’d have time to block and starch before I gave them as gifts.

2010 Snowflakes 02

Five days later, they’re all done and dry and off to their new homes.

2010 Snowflakes 03

These are all from the Leisure Arts booklet “Lacy Snowflakes” by Brenda S. Greer. Some are made with a crochet thread shot through with silver filament, and the others are a slightly puffier crochet thread shot through with an opalescent filament. I liked the thicker one better when I was working with them, but the silver ones held the blocking better, so the end result was really nice.

2010 Snowflakes 04

Who am I kidding? The end result was nice with both threads. I really like crocheting snowflakes. They’re a good, elegant, instant gratification project.


3 thoughts on “Friday FO: Flurries

  1. Sherri says:

    I’ve got a set of 6 that my aunt tatted once upon a time. Always wished I could have learned how to do them. Yours turned out beautifully!! Definitely a gift that will be treasured.

  2. Chris says:

    Those are gorgeous! And I like them a lot more than all this accursed real snow we have right now. 😦

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