Christmas Crazy

Sometimes I think I’m crazy for choosing to make a lot of my Christmas gifts. Yeah, they’re more appreciated by my family. Yeah, they’re fun and (often) cheaper. But you know what? They take a LOT of time.

One option, naturally, is to buy things from other handcrafters. I typically don’t do this. Many reasons, I guess, but mostly I look at things and say, “Hey, I can make that!” and so off I go on another making-instead-of-buying spree. Which is fine, except it in no way helps with that “takes a lot of time” thing.

This year, I just might buy some things. And one place I intend to buy from is my friend Hanna’s etsy shop. She’s even having a sale from now until Dec 11 on shipping. Go. Support her. But don’t buy the things I want.  😉  (Note to self: go shop SOON.)

Another thing I have determined I can do that will cut down on the time spent while not eliminating the handcrafted goodness of gifts is to make smaller things. Instead of knitting a hat & scarf set, maybe I’ll knit a pair of mitts. Instead of making a shawl, let’s try a toy. Things that are useful, and cool, and perhaps look really intricate, but that take, oh, maybe a fourth of the time. Or more. An example? This little guy:

Bedbug 01

He’s not done yet (still needs legs and some detail embroidery), but he’s taken a couple of hours to get to this point. And my sis will love him probably no less than she loves her handknit socks, which took many, many more hours of knitting.

What about you? Do you know of any good handcrafting shops out there that I should look into?


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