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December Resolutions, a la Le R

You may know by now that I have a great love of The Rejectionist. She is witty, she is fun, and she saves mice from glue traps. What’s not to love? Seriously.

Anyway, she is doing a Resolution Uncontest for the month of December, and as I need a bit of a kick in the pants I thought I’d play along. Also, this is a good way to get myself motivated and actually. Do! Something! You know.

(Also, you know that I have either been stuck in the world of The Enchanted Chocolate Pot or thinking Regency/Victorian when I start breaking up sentences into their component words like that, especially when “do something” is a part of the phrase. But onward.)

So: here are my resolutions for the month of December. If they turn out well, they will be carried over into the new year. The writing ones will probably help, because I have signed up for Kait Nolan‘s brainchild A Round of Words in 80 Days which will require me to be writing.

  1. I WILL WRITE DAILY. I’m not counting e-mail. But I am counting blogs. And while I’m not going to specify in the resolution itself, the goal will be a minimum of 500 story (or perhaps plotting) words per day. We’ll see on that last bit. If possible, I’d also like to get back to Friday Snippets. But that means having actual story content to post.
  2. I WILL DRINK DECAF TEA. I’ve already been mostly doing this, but I want to continue doing so. Of course, full-caf tea will still be used in DIRE SITUATIONS.
  3. I WILL SEND OUT CHRISTMAS CARDS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Mind you, this could mean sticking them in the mailbox at 11:59 on Christmas Eve, but still. And though I intend to make my own cards I reserve the right to use those free cards that companies send you when they want your donation money if I run out of time and get desperate.
  4. I WILL WRITE A BLOG POST EACH SUNDAY TO RECORD MY PROGRESS ON THESE GOALS. Resolutions. Things. (Why Sunday? Why not. I like the alliteration of Kait’s ‘Sunday Summary’ posts, and I have grown lax on updating things I post about. I used to do weekly goal-posts; I can get back to doing them again.)
  5. I WILL GET MY YA NOVEL OUT THE DOOR TO AT LEAST THREE PLACES. Three isn’t many. I know. But it’s a good number, it’s more than none (which is where I am so far) and it’s not too daunting.

I think five Resolutions is a good number. So there we stop. What about the rest of you? Anyone have things they want to get done before we say goodbye to 2010?

5 thoughts on “December Resolutions, a la Le R

  1. OH God, Christmas cards? I’m supposed to do those too? :headdesk:

    I am just focused on finishing my current WIP and getting it ready and OUT THE DOOR so that I can fully focus on my new project for ROW80.

    And an anthology story.

    And a bunch of lectures for a new class.

    And baking…

    :crawls back in bed:

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