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Intentions and Inspiration

So. “Noises Off” has opened, and now I had planned to work on my steampunk novella from this past spring. I was all excited and ready to work on it. And I started getting my brain on track to work on steampunk. All was going well.

Until a shiny new idea popped into my head.

The biggest problem I have? It’s steampunk, too. And I want to write it. Like, NOW.

So. My intentions to write one steampunk story are going to be set aside in favor of my desire to work on another. I have no fear that the original steampunk will get worked on. I have big plans for that story, and intend to make a series of it. I know from experience, however, that the inspiration to work on something specific is a gift not often handed out as blatantly and abruptly as it was tonight. I have quite a lot of the idea in my head already — not the entire story fleshed out, mind you, but enough that I can start writing tomorrow (and intend to) without a whole lot of world-building first.

Right now, the thing that matters most to me is to get writing again. On something. Anything.

So. When a gift story comes calling (complete with title and a name for the heroine), and I don’t have anything else as an active writing WIP? The shiny new story gets worked on.


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