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WiP Weds

Not a creative post title today. Sorry.

Not a particularly creative post content, either. It’s Hell Week for “Noises Off” and I’m tired.

I have, however, been knitting. I’ve been working mostly on gift knitting, but there are a few other things to show off. First of all, I will show you the pair of socks I finished last week (even though they are now no longer technically WiPs). These are for my niece.

Finished Little Sky Socks

And then the socks I’m making myself. I only work on them off & on, mostly during long drives or TV watching when I’m not doing something else.

MTT Socks 05

I think that’s it for this wee- Ooh! Hey! What’s this? Something new that just happened to spontaneously cast itself on? Wow. Weird.

Qiviuk Mitts 01

It’s a pair of mitts in Qiviuk yarn (made from musk ox). Very soft. Huh. Well, we can’t leave such a pretty yarn to sit around on the needles without knitting it, now can we? I guess we’ll just have to add another project to my list of WiPs…


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